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Hi, I'm Elissa, I'm from Mexico.
Fangirl: Gleek, Potterhead, Marvelnerd, Criminatic, Leanatic, Pageteer, LBS and Little Liar

My idols: Lea Michele (Leanatic), Demi Lovato (Lovatic), Paget Brewster (Pageteer) and Hayley Williams.

Cory is my hero and my angel.

I'm so in love with Matthew Gray Gubler, Ashton Irwin and Mark Salling.

I love:
Criminal Minds, NCIS, Robert Downey Jr. , Johnny Deep, Daniel R , Jonathan Groff, Broadway, NYC, musicals, Demily, Hotchniss or Hotly, Finchel, Monchele, Kelly Clrakson, P!nk, The Vamps, 5 Secondds Of Summer, theater, Game of Thones, Star Wars, etc...

Basically the kind of stuff a teen likes

Ask: http://ask.fm/Imeliimndz
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Lea Michele shoots the “On My Way” music video in Los Angeles (x)

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"We’re calling reinforcements.

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I love smoothies !!!!! #smoothies

I love them!!!! #5SOS #5secondsofsummer

Lea’s scenes from 5x16 Tested

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It’s going to be like Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo… - Rory McCann

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"ruby slippers, where are you now?
i wanna go back but i don’t know how.
ruby slippers, what are you good for?
can we make it, make it like it was before?
we’re not in kansas anymore.”

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