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Hi, I'm Elissa, I'm from Mexico.
Fangirl: Gleek, Potterhead, Marvelnerd, Criminatic, Leanatic, Pageteer, LBS and Little Liar

My idols: Lea Michele (Leanatic), Demi Lovato (Lovatic), Paget Brewster (Pageteer) and Hayley Williams.

Cory is my hero and my angel.

I'm so in love with Matthew Gray Gubler, Ashton Irwin and Mark Salling.

I love:
Criminal Minds, NCIS, Robert Downey Jr. , Johnny Deep, Daniel R , Jonathan Groff, Broadway, NYC, musicals, Demily, Hotchniss or Hotly, Finchel, Monchele, Kelly Clrakson, P!nk, The Vamps, 5 Secondds Of Summer, theater, Game of Thones, Star Wars, etc...

Basically the kind of stuff a teen likes

Ask: http://ask.fm/Imeliimndz
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Chalk Art by David Zinn

I love this.

The world is in need of more beautiful weirdness like this.

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B96 Meet & Greet With 5 Seconds Of Summer

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Ed Sheeran,

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The 2014 Tumblr Tony Awards Nominees
→  Best Belt

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